The Cup for People is a network of cooperation among activists, social entrepreneurs and human rights defenders from grassroots initiatives, who came together to organize a lot of events and activities in St. Petersburg before and during the World Cup 2018. Altogether, our aim at the use of this huge and important international event as an opportunity to enhance communication among people from different countries, both guests and locals, and to show the guests different aspects of civil society life.

Our initiatives include alternative tours through different aspects of social life, networking events and activities, Diversity House & Civic Info Centre with Fare network, the responsible consumption map and measures for the bars against violence, assistance to international journalists and other activities and projects. Now, we are working on them very actively, and as far as we will ready to present them, we will be happy to share everything with you!

We would be happy to be in contact with all the guests interested to participate in our activities as well as to propose your own presentation or any kind of other public events during your stay in St. Petersburg.

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Olga Polyakova
coordinator of the Trava, Cup for People
In the winter, we discussed what the World Cup means to each of us individually and what we could do during this time in our city of St. Petersburg. We thought about our interests, wrote down ideas and went to work into groups.

We decided to try to establish a cultural exchange among guests from different countries. We want to show them alternative places and civil society through excursions, events and different locations.

We organize public talks on the topic of the World Cup's «Kitchen» in order to understand better, how such an event can affect the city and how citizens can be involved in making decisions concerning mega events.

Together with international organizations and journalists, in our public programs we will focus on different local problems: discrimination of minorities, violation of rights and freedoms, ecology and inequality.

Arseny Konnov
urban expert, guide
Sport events are not about great achievements, mega projects and competition for the sake of national prestige and official presentation, but about peaceful encounter of cultures and the joy of the game.

This is an opportunity to establish a connection among representatives of civil societies and to carry on meaningful discussions on different issues, such as discrimination, intercultural contact and stability of mega projects.

We would like that every football guest felt like home in St. Petersburg and left with positive memories.
The following initiatives and projects are under development. We'll publish the schedule of activities as soon as we settle them.
If you as a journalist or writer are looking for local people, places or stories in Saint Petersburg, specially focused on social and political issues, we are happy to assist, contact with the actors and experts, or join «The Tours for People».

If you are coming for the World Cup to see the game, let's organize some cultural, social or networking event together.