'Trava' ("трава", Russian for 'grass') is a civic education platform based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where we collaborate to figure out how society works and learn how we can self-organize, be independent from state & corporation interests and come up with collective solutions for complex problems and challenges.

I'm in since the start.

● before Prague:

never had time to stop and reflect much
We started in 2014 with outdoors lectures and meet-ups about developing social and creative projects.
● came up with:

37 members of inner horizontally structured community

45 events & 500 participants / month
discussions; public talks; workshops in bars, cafes, studios or parks; and excursions drawing attention to social, political, cultural and environmental issues

developing projects and campaigns
● in September:


course of social literacy

workshop 'How to organize a local garage sale or exchange event?'

workshop 'How to make an excursions?' with Third age school

discussion 'Make tour not war' about non-strengthening military narratives in excursions

discussions about solidarity economy and activism in journalism
'How to: do independent civic education project or activity in my community/town/hood/yard?'
(non-registered, low-budget, hard to close)

● in Prague:

longreads with practices and ideas

detailed methodological base

● after Prague:


exchange workshop in Saint Petersburg

exchange trips